Charging aid LIFTBOY-TWIN


Our LIFTBOY-Twin is a simple device for ergonomic loading and unloading of double-width deck ovens in one-man operation.

The innovation of this loading aid is two setters that the movements up and down are independent from each other.

Before the individual levels of the oven are loaded, the dough pieces, e.g. from baskets, are dropped onto the two setters at a comfortable, individually adjustable working height.
After lifting to the appropriate hearth height, the first hearth strip is loaded. Then the LIFTBOY-Twin is moved sideways and the second hearth strip can be loaded almost without loss of time.

With this simple but robust device, a double-width oven chamber can be loaded in less than 20 seconds.

The column of the LIFTBOY-Twin is mounted on a floor base frame that can be moved sideways in front of the oven manually. This trolley is guided by ball-bearing rollers in a rail directly in front of the oven to prevent it from tipping.
Stable, vertically adjustable catches on the column allow the LIFTBOY-Twin to be individually adjusted to any chamber height.

The setters are each equipped with an "unloading nose" with which the baked breads can be picked up again after being baked.
The loaves can be conveniently unloaded at working height.

Counterweights in the columns balance the weights of the pullers including the dough covering.

This counterbalance makes it possible to move the loaded LIFTBOY-Twin to the appropriate hearth height with only a minimum of effort.
A proven principle that is used in many of our machines and appliances!

Ball bearing rollers ensure that the setters can be moved into and out of the oven with ease. This ensures ergonomic back-friendly work.

For the efficient placing of free formed dough pieces on the setters, we offer light mini-set compact setters in half hearth length in our product range.