The LIFTBOY-E is a loading assistant for single and double wide baking ovens with a chamber width up to 1,8m. The backing chamber is loaded by one or two deck oven loading-setters, which are raised and lowered by a motor.

The baking chambers will be loaded with two deckoven- setters. They are 58 cm wide in the standard version and are adapted in length to the dimensions of the baking oven. The loading-setters remain on the LIFTBOY-E table and will not be removed from the table after a finishing the loading-process. We supply the LITFBOY-E with a setter for single wide baking chambers. The LIFT-BOY-E has two setters for double-wide baking chambers, which are arranged to the left and right of the column. It can be moved from one position in front of the oven to the next in a guiding rail.

The deck heights are programmed once at installation in the PLC. If several ovens are to be installe, the PLC control will automatically recognise which furnace the LIFTBOY-E is facing.

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The loading setters have an unloading nose.. The setter can therefore also be used for unloading the baking chamber. With this detail, the LIFTBOY-E has full functionality for loading and unloading and can easily be used by your own person.

The LIFTBOY-E can be moved sideways in a guiding rail in front of the oven.

As an option, we recommend a castor wheel base frame: This will allow the LIFTBOY-E to be parked elsewhere. The ovens are then freely accessible after baking. This is a major advantage over other deck-oven loading devices.

The LIFTBOY-E can also be supplied with a 90 cm wide oven setter for a triple-wide oven. For triple-wide baking-ovens, we recommend that you equip the baking chambers with two baking plates, each 90 cm wide.


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