Oven charging assistant FLEXI-LOAD


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With the FLEXI-LOAD, we created a simple lifting device with which the setters can quickly and labor-savingly be raised at hearth height for charging a deck oven. A common proofing trolley is pushed into the hoisting device – which is designed as a portal – and fixed there. The lifting table of the device is now shifted to the desired height and the respective setter removed. At the touch of a button, the table is moved to the desired height and one baking chamber strip charged by manual insertion. The empty setter is lowered down again and pushed back into the trolley. For charging the second baking chamber strip, the device can be extended so far onto the telescopic supports of the lifting table that also the second chamber strip is reached.

The lifting device is equipped with castors so that it can be moved aside after the charging of the oven is completed.

The advantage of our lifting device is obvious: The charging of the furnace can be conveniently carried out by one employee alone. In addition, the exhausting and heavy lifting of the setters is no longer necessary.

Our semi-automatic lifting device can be adapted to all common sizes of setters. Upon request, we can also deliver the FLEXI-LOAD with an integrated positioning control.