Charging aid LIFTBOY


Our charging device LIFTBOY is an appliance to facilitate the loading and discharging of deck ovens in one-man operation.

A vertically movable lifting carriage fastened to a column takes up a setter which by hand can be moved back and forth on ball bearings. The column is linked to a ground-based chassis to the lateral adjustment of the device. A balance weight within the column counterbalances the weight of the setter including that of the dough covering. This basic and simple construction is tried and tested in application by many satisfied customers.

The column with ground-based chassis is carried on a slide bar - tilt-resistantly with ball bearing rolls - directly at the front section of the oven. This way, even a double width oven with two baking rows can be accurately charged with dough loaves when the left and right baking rows are being approached.

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The approach of the respective hearth furnace is brought about by solid and adjustable cams with an automatic manually-releasable detent lock.

At the front, the setter is equipped with an unloading tongue which helps to take up the baked breads as well as to further bake.

At a convenient working height, the setter can be charged with dough loaves as well as manually and effortlessly brought up to the respective oven height. Afterwards, the setter can be easily moved into the oven on roller bearings and then withdrawn by hand. The trigger rod of the setter unlatches automatically after the loading procedure is completed.

The removal is carried out after baking by inserting the empty setter into the oven. The loaded setter can easily be removed and discharged at a convenient working height, too.

We also deliver compact and light mini-set compact setters of half oven-length for the rational placement of proofing goods.



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