Setter lifter FLEXI-LIFT


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The laborious rearrangement of the setters - when manually cutting and treating the dough loaves before insertion - can, in future, be carried out by one person only with the FLEXI-LIFT.

The lifting carriage accelerates gently and smoothly to full lifting speed and slows down again just as gently in front of each trolley support. After reaching the position of the support, the setter is drawn onto the movable lifting carriage of the portal by hand and driven to the desired charging position at the touch of a button. After treating the dough loaves, the setter is moved back to its original position and manually pushed into the trolley.

Within the columns – which are designed as a portal – of the charging trolley, the lifting carriage is run on solid ball-bearing castors.

The sliding table itself is moved in height with a circular chain drive. The lifting movement is carried out by a gear motor and allows a fast and accurate approach of the individual supports. The programming of the positioning control takes place within a few minutes during the assembly on site.

The FLEXI-LOAD is equipped with castors and can be moved out of the working area after the treatment of the dough loaves.

In operating mode "automatic", up to 32 levels are automatically and successively served. In manual operation, the selection of individual levels is possible.

This way, you can halve yours costs and workload. This investment is porfitable even with few daily operating hours.