Oven charging trolley LIFTCAR


The proofing trolley LIFTCAR is equipped with a motorized lifting platform and constitutes a very handy charging aid for deck ovens. The lifting platform is hung on chains and moves with the help of a low-voltage three-phase current gear motor. By means of a jog switch, the lifting platform is continuously movable in height. Power is supplied via a cable with a solid plug which is connected to the low-voltage switch box on the wall. The charging frame itself can be retracted to save space. The proofing trolley LIFTCAR can be utilised instead of any other common proofing trolley.

For the charging process, the trolley is driven into a locking device in front of the oven and thus precisely positioned. A setter is drawn onto the lifting platform by hand, the platform then moved to the desired height and the oven is finally charged by manual insertion and removal. The empty device is shifted back into the trolley by means of the lifting platform. The power supply can be disconnected and the entire trolley removed from the working area after the charging process is completed.