Oven charging trolleys


Oven charging trolleys for setters

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With our oven charging trolleys, we offer a particularly simple and effective charging system. for deck ovens. The supports of the proofing trolley are welded at hearth height. For charging the oven, the trolley is simply driven up in front of the baking oven and the setters are pushed into the ovens one after another and subsequently removed by hand.

The supports contain integrated rollers upon which the setters can easily be moved back and forth. In order to charge with dough loaves, the setters can be pulled out with the help of a supporting carriage. For also loading the upper support, a step tread is integrated into the charging trolley. For ovens of up to 1.2 meters in width, the device can be utilized within the entire hearth width. For triple-width ovens (1.8 m), devices and trolleys of half-oven width are necessary.


Oven charging trolleys for baking tins

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Our charging system can also be used for working with baking tins. Instead of setters, an insertion for baking tins is placed into the charging trolley and put into the oven.

After the baking chamber is charged, the baking tins can be put down to the baking chamber floor with a simple hand lever. This way, the heat transfer from the baking plates to the baking goods can be intensified. The unloading is carried out just as easy by pulling the baking tins back into the trolley. In combination with a support trolley, the individual insertions can now be comfortably pulled out of the oven charging trolley and easily emptied. This situation is depicted in the following picture.


Oven charging trolleys with integrated loading drive

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We developed an oven charging trolley with an integrated loading drive for customers who desire an energy-saving removal of the setters. The advantage of this drive is that the electric motor is not connected to the trolley itself but attached to a balancer at the ceiling. This way, it can be inserted on the conveyor drive like an electric screwdriver when changing car tyres. Power supply, positioning control and frequency converter are integrated into the drive and are, thus, not exposed to the humidity of the proofing chamber. Only a toothed belt drive is incorporated into the trolley which carries the setters in and out of the oven at the touch of a button.

The oven can both be charged and unloaded with the drive. For unloading, the setters have to be equipped with an unloading nose. The setters can be easily operated manually. This way, deck ovens can be labor-savingly and effectively charged.