Oven rack roll turning system

Automatic roll turning system for oven racks

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In German-speaking countries rolls are turned upside down after proofing.

Manually turning the dough from the proofing boards onto the baking sheets is a major cost factor recurring every day. Based on the assumption that one needs ten minutes in order to manually turn the boards per oven rack, around 650 hours of monotonous work per annum piles up at an average daily production rate of 8,000 rolls. You are able to exploit this rationalization potential with the help of our autmatic charging station for oven racks. This equally holds true for the production factor motivation – the turning of boards is counted among the most unpopular chores at work.

The basis of our automated charging system for oven racks is a turning station and thereon matching proofing trolleys with tilting devices and oven racks. The dough pieces are placed down accurately and gently on the sheets. This way, the dough does not slip any more and does not need to be readjusted by hand after turning over.

  • Rotary oven racks and proofing trolleys with tilting devices are moved into the turning station and fixed there.The insertion and positioning of the baking sheets as well as the turning and removal of the dough pieces are automatically carried out at the turning station.
  • solid electropneumatic air control
  • with a single touch of a button one oven rack is fully charged