Oven rack charging robot

Charging robot for oven racks

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In German-speaking countries rolls are turned upside down after proofing.

Turning or tilting of pastries out of drop boxes onto the baking sheets is a cumbersome and time-consuming work in every bakery. Our company has been familiar with this task since years and we can refer to a variety of intelligent automation solutions for craft and medium-sized businesses.

We offer a complete automation solution for this process with our charging robot for proofing boards. Our charging robot completes the withdrawal and simultaneous turning of the rolls onto the baking sheets as well as the charging of a complete oven rack with baking sheets fully automatically in less than 110 seconds. An oven rack carrying proofed doughs on boards and an oven rack with empty baking sheets are inserted into our charging robot. Everything else is done at the touch of a button. The annoying manual turning of drop boxes is no longer necessary!

Up to 14,000 rolls per hour can be turned with the aid of our charging robot. The operation of this robot can be carried out along the way by the operator of the ovens. The charging robot is available for all standard baking sheet sizes.