LIFTMATIC-S with electric lifting and charging drive

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Individual ovens can be charged and discharged by one person only. The lifting work is taken over by an electric drive and the charging device is driven into the oven by an electric motor. The lifting drive is powered by a strong three-phase brake gear motor. The convenient drive with frequency converter and digital positioning control allows for a speedy approach to the ovens with high accuracy combined with a smooth and jerk-free starting and stopping. The insertion and removal of the setters are also carried out by means of an electric motor.

At a speed of 15 cm/s, the lifting table moves in less than six seconds from the lowest to the heighest oven.

Our oven charger LIFTMATIC-S is another step towards the simplification and rationalization of the charging of deck ovens!

  • electric lifting drive
  • electric charging drive
  • simple, solid design
  • custom-made for any deck oven
  • available with sideways movable drive






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