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The oven charger LIFTMASTER is our automatic charging solution for deck ovens.

Efficient charging and baking is possible with the help of the LIFTMASTER. The oven charging can be accomplished by one man at the touch of a button. All movements are carried out by a motor drive: lifting, charging and sideways shifting (optional in case of several ovens).

Since the LIFTMASTER is equipped with an automatic belt drive, the loading conveyor can be conveniently charged from the averted side of the oven and breads placed row by row.

By means of our servo-soft control the baking goods are treated with care during the lifting, transport and removal movements. In addition, the LIFTMASTER is suitable for baking bread and small pastries.

The LIFTMASTER is available for all ovens between a hearth depth of 1.60 m and 2.40 m as well as of 1.20 m and 1.80 respectively. Of course, the LIFTMASTER can also be movably operated in front of two or more ovens. We adapt our oven charger to your special spatial conditions with our on-site project planning.

We also offer a lower-cost version of the LIFTMASTER – the LIFTMASTER-E. The LIFTMASTER-E is particularly qualified for baking bread.

Our LIFTMASTER charging series is rounded off by a complementary accessories program ranging from proofing equipment to proofing trolleys, all of which can be customized according to your needs.

We provide all the accessories from a single source:

  • setters for an efficient oven charging of rolls
  • cross setters for the loading of bread
  • short tipping devices and mini-set compact setters for a rational one-man charging operation
  • matching transport and proofing trolleys




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